Our website provides a lot of information about our approach, the concept and our projects. You probably have more detailed questions, which will be answered below. Is your question not included? Please contact us.

How can I contact Sustainable Houses?2020-10-12T16:21:38+00:00

You can contact us directly via +31 06-14 34 60 10 or email to [email protected].

Does Sustainable Houses also design Tiny Houses?2020-10-12T16:24:17+00:00

With our modules any desired home – from large to very small – can be designed. We have made some designs for Tiny Houses. Check our website at ‘Our projects’.

Can a Sustainable House be modularly expandable at a later date?2020-10-12T16:26:56+00:00

It is possible to renovate a Sustainable House, but modules cannot just be switched on because of the integrated ventilation system and the foundation. Keep in mind that it is in any case cheaper to place the house in one go than to expand the house at a later date.

Can I expand my current house with Sustainable House?2020-10-12T16:28:38+00:00

Sustainable Houses works with modules with fixed sizes. This makes it difficult to connect a module precisely to an existing building. Moreover, a Sustainable House is an integral concept in which the modules and the installations such as a heat pump, ventilation and the airtight insulating shell form one intricate part with all other benefits included.

Is a Sustainable House movable?2020-10-12T16:30:08+00:00

This is not recommended in principle. A Sustainable House can be disassembled and can be moved. However, our models are not designed as a mobile home. The foundation is fit for a specific location and cannot simply be used elsewhere. You also cannot take out a mortgage if you intend to move the house. In short, we do not recommend disassembling and moving a Sustainable House.

What is the lifespan of a Sustainable House?2020-10-12T16:30:54+00:00

Sustainable Homes meet all the requirements of the Building Decree for permanent homes and therefore have the same lifespan as conventional homes. Timber frame construction is also low maintenance.

What kind of wood does Sustainable Houses use?2020-10-12T16:31:59+00:00

Sustainable Houses uses PEFC-certified* wood from Finnish Metsä for the construction. This socalled laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is extremely strong because it is made of thin wood layers on top of each other, glued with biodegradable glue. Finishing can be chosen as desired for the facade. If wood is chosen, we recommend thermally preserved firing. This wood has been heated in a special way so that sugars and starch disappear from the wood and the wood is no longer a breeding ground for fungi or insects, for example.

* PEFC stands for Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification.This is the worldwide independent quality mark for the promotion of sustainable forest management.

What makes a Sustainable House more sustainable than regular construction?2020-10-12T16:33:00+00:00

Both during construction and in use, a Sustainable House is more sustainable than a regular home. Sustainable House works with sustainable, recyclable and recycled raw materials and wood from sustainably managed European forests. We avoid materials such as concrete and steel because they harm the environment due to their high CO² emissions and water consumption. In addition, a Sustainable House is a so-called energy neutral: the solar panels and air heat pump ensure a pleasant temperature all year round.

Can I build off-grid in the Netherlands?2020-10-13T09:27:36+00:00

Yes, Sustainable Houses is currently developing projects in Ghana, Suriname and Pakistan. You can see the designs of these on our website under ‘Our projects’.

What financing options are there for a Sustainable House?2020-10-13T09:29:00+00:00

There are self-build mortgages from which both the plot and the construction can be financed. We have listed the financing options for you. Don’t forget to look at your options, sustainability benefits and subsidies with a mortgage advisor.

Can I build abroad?2020-10-13T09:30:01+00:00

Yes, Sustainable Houses is currently developing projects in Ghana, Suriname and Pakistan. You can see the designs of these on our website under ‘Our projects’.

Can I see a Sustainable House in real life?2020-10-13T09:33:14+00:00

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a house permanently available for viewings. After a no obligation introductory meeting, we can always see if there is an opportunity to visit the factory. For more information you can always contact us via [email protected].

We would like to mention the development of a concept home that is currently being realized in the construction and infrastructure park in Harderwijk Holland.

How much time does the realization of my self-build home take?2020-10-13T09:32:40+00:00

The duration varies greatly per project. Take into account at least a year and a half from the first sketch to completion. You can read more about the planning in our brochure.

What is the difference between zero on the meter and energy neutral?2020-10-13T09:34:03+00:00

Sustainable Houses are standard equipped with solar panels to generate their own energy. An energy-neutral home generates enough electricity for your heating, hot tap water and lighting (building-related), a Zero-on-the-Meter goes further and generates enough electricity to run all your appliances (user-related). In this article you can read more about the benefits of sustainable construction for your financing!

Where can I find a building plot?2020-10-13T09:34:59+00:00

Building plots can be found via the broker, the municipality and online. There are also lots for sale with a different purpose, for example agricultural or garden. In this case you can request a change of destination. Keep in mind that a zoning plan change is an intensive and time-consuming process. Sustainable Houses has extensive information about finding the right plot for your home.

What are the costs of a Sustainable House?2020-10-13T09:35:43+00:00

The costs of a Sustainable Houses depend on many factors. In addition, take into account additional costs for your lot, the foundation, transport and design. More information about the price structure can be found in our brochure.

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