Healthy and Sustainable

One of the pillars of Sustainable Houses is the sustainable and healthy character of our homes. What does that mean? Actually, we make no concessions to the materials used in our homes. In principle, (the shell of) the house is made with maximum use of natural materials, such as wood, straw, reed etc., which benefits a healthy indoor climate and the environment.


We don’t want to make it more complicated as it is. Our sustainable all-in housing concept is based on a fully sustainable timber frame house, prefabricated with natural materials, of which all modules are produced in the factory. These are then assembled on location (e.g. the Netherlands).

The most characteristic features of our concept at a glance:

  • Affordable Prefabricated Timber Frame Building.
  • Catalog but also custom / modular / life-cycle proof.
  • Maximum use of natural / biobased materials / circular.
  • Minimal environmental impact / negative CO2 balance, so buffers CO2 and virtually nitrogen free.
  • Self-sufficient in terms of energy and drinking water production, water and sewage treatment (if desired)
  • Maximum healthy / comfortable indoor climate / emission-free and low-radiation (if desired)

Financing support and application for green subsidies for sustainable construction category 9a

The Netherlands:
The homes of Sustainable Houses are eligible for sustainable mortgage financing which is offered by various banks (ABN AMRO, Rabobank, ING). In addition, subsidies from the government can be used. If you wish, we will contact a specialized partner who will guide you through this process. You can read information about existing schemes within which our sustainable homes fall on the following websites of en

Sustainable Houses is active in the EU, in various African countries and in South America, including Suriname. These are countries where there is a shortage of suitable affordable houses that are also sustainable. Our concept with special designs fits in seamlessly with local needs and possibilities. To this end, we work closely with local parties for project management and project financing and schemes that enable subsidies from international sources. This is mainly custom work that is facilitated by Sustainable Houses.


Sustainable Houses stands for sustainable living. It is possible to order a sustainable prefab house as a ready-made design from the catalog. Separate modules can be easily added in style now or later, as required. Just think of an extra office for working at home or an extra children’s room or a shed. One can choose from a Tiny House, a more spacious starter home, a family home with or without a floor and several bedrooms, or a life-course-proof home. The big advantage of a catalog house is the lower costs compared to a custom-made house (as a result of economies of scale). Custom design is also possible! Our architect will then design the home you want to suit your taste.

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The process from design to realization phase is a complex process. Our experts are happy to help you make the right decisions at every process step. We want to relieve you as much as possible and think along with you as much as possible. For this we have devised 4 clear process steps.

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