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Our contractors coordinate the entire project from start to finish, ensuring that all parts are delivered at the right time and all activities are performed correctly. Our contractors manage the subcontractors, such as installation offices, electricians, plumbers and roofers. The contractor is the first point of contact for these various third parties, but also for you. Sustainable Houses only works with contractors who subscribe to our sustainable vision and who have experience with the construction of prefabricated timber frame buildings. Due to the relatively fast realization time of an average of 2 to 3 weeks up to completion, considerable (wage) costs are saved in any case compared to traditional (concrete and/or brick) construction.


Selecting the right installers is not that easy. Many installers still have little experience or insufficient knowledge of sustainable products. That is why Sustainable Houses has already compiled a list of installers who can supply and install our sustainable energy and water products with the required product guarantees. You are always free to deviate from this and choose your own installer. Please choose the right energy products that lead to a positive determination of the NZEB standards by the municipality that must approve your building permit. We can advise you specifically in each of these steps.


Sustainable Houses has made agreements with several manufacturers of sustainable products. This includes heat pumps, heat recovery installations, rainwater collection systems and sustainable shower installations and solar panels. If you decide to buy our home, you will receive a list of sustainable products selected by us. With this you can buy the responsible products recommended by us. We are happy to pass on the discount we have negotiated to our customers. This makes the total sustainable living concept that we offer even more attractive. The more systems that are purchased by the customers of our homes, the sharper price conditions become. These mainly apply to cooperatives or * CPO projects of any size consisting of several initiators. These are immediately eligible for a tiered price advantage that is negotiated by us with suppliers per project. Our purchaser guides this process together with the E + W installer of a project.

  • Collective Private Commissioning Project


Sustainable Houses is a full-service provider, which in short means that we advise and guide you in determining the design up to and including the realization of your dream home. This also applies to both the catalog and custom homes. You can also choose to only buy a design and arrange everything yourself.

Our motto is to inform you clearly and at the same time to coordinate the design of your project in accordance with your wishes. We manage it together from start to finish! We realize all too well that everything has a financial downside and must fit a budget. We take this into account in advance. Building castles in the air of which little ends up afterwards is of no use to anyone. Whether this is for one person or for a group of buyers who want to set up a sustainable housing project together as a cooperative, or a municipality that sells building plots with a sustainable destination.

You can already briefly indicate your wishes by completing the short questionnaire on this website. After that, our advisor will contact you within 24 hours for a no-obligation exploratory meeting to exchange ideas and define the boundaries of your project. The chance that your dream will become reality increases enormously!

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