In four steps to a new house

Step 1: Orientation stage

During the orientation phase you will see in which municipality and district you want to build your home, which permits are required and which type of home you want. We have insight into which municipalities have land positions available. We can advise without obligation and think along with the requirements that a municipality sets for a new building plot and type of home. Interested? Call us for an appointment!

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Step 2: Tailormade design or catalogue house

In this phase you will start thinking more specifically about the type of home you want to build. Sustainable Houses offers standardized catalog houses, but we also design custom. We charge a separate amount for custom designs. Our architect needs this in order to work out the design in detail in accordance with your requirements and wishes. That strongly depends on the type and size of the home. A custom home can also be delivered as a prefab home.

Step 3: Agreement with a contractor

As soon as it is known which type of home you want and where you want it to build, you can give Sustainable Houses an assignment. We do this by means of a so-called construction agreement (and of course only after the building permit has been obtained). Then we can start. With one of our construction partners you sign the so-called construction agreement in which the price and delivery agreements are contractually recorded.

By default, we work with a Home Deposit guarantee. The financial deposit ensures that your home is always finished. We then send our contractor and installers who will build your home in accordance with your requirements and wishes. You can also buy our design and build your home yourself. In that case, no building contract is required. Sustainable Houses is also not responsible for the quality of the delivered home (in that case).

Step 4: Realization

All wooden parts of the house are custom-made and delivered to the contractor as a kit. The house is largely assembled indoors, complete with window frames, interior walls and bathrooms. The foundation is constructed on site.

The modules are transported to location by truck. Placement of the house on the foundation takes 1 or 2 days. After this, it takes a few weeks to finish the house completely. Consider, for example, connecting the installation, placing the solar panels and finishing the interior and exterior. You walk through the house with the contractor for completion. You can choose to have a delivery inspection done with an independent advisor. The contractor then has a few weeks to complete the final delivery points.

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