Sustainable Houses is a young company that will turn the housing market in the Netherlands around and in countries in Africa and South and Central America where is wishes to be ‘disruptive’. We see with sorrow that the current housing market is completely stuck in old structures and construction methods. Homes still have a much too high CO² footprint are costly and it takes a relatively long time to build a home.

Mission, vision and core values

We therefore believe in a completely different approach, namely the use of 100% natural materials and the pre-fabrication of homes in a factory, which significantly shortens the delivery time from one year to a few weeks and allows maximum flexibility in the design. And of course, everything must remain affordable, so that starters, small families and the elderly can also buy a timber-frame house. Sustainable Houses’ mission is to design and sell sustainable and healthy housing concepts that provide a homeowner with a total solution with the smallest possible (CO²) footprint.

It is the vision of Sustainable Houses that homes remain affordable and provide 100% self-renewable energy generation and become self-sufficient also in terms of their drinking water production and wastewater treatment.

Our characteristic features at a glance:

  • Affordable Prefabricated Timber Frame Building
  • Catalog but also custom designed / modular / life-cycle proof
  • Maximum use of natural / biobased materials / circular
  • Minimal environmental impact / including negative CO² balance, so CO² buffering and virtually nitrogen-free • Self-sufficient in terms of energy, drinking water production, water and sewage treatment (if desired)
  • Maximum healthy / comfortable indoor climate / emission-free and low-radiation (if desired)
  • Customers achieve a leap forward in the energy transition and will contribute to achieving the climate goals. Improved living comfort and price affordability are important additional benefits.

Team Sustainable Houses

Sustainable Houses was founded in 2018 by Robert van der Sijde, Robert Hemmen, Dieter Dettling, Guus Bentvelsen and Erwin Cauwels.

Robert van der Sijde
(CFO/Partnership Manager)
[email protected]

Robert Hemmen
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Dieter Dettling
(Lead Architect)
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